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Deli News Catering in North Dallas, Texas.

Call 972-733-3354 to place an order.

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Deli News Catering
17062 Preston Road
Dallas TX 75248
Phone: 1-855-355-DELI (3354)
Fax: (972) 733-3355


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The Deli News Catering, Company Restaurant, Deli and Caterers is a full-service deli featuring a dine-in dining room serving breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees, featuring NY style deli sandwiches.

A wide variety of cheeses, specialty meats and cold cuts are sold by the pound in addition to our extensive menu of delicious over-stuffed NY style deli sandwiches, hot entrees, cheese party trays, deli meat perty trays, fruit party trays, fish, drinks, deserts, salads, sides and soups.

Deli News Catering
17062 Preston Road
Dallas TX 75248
Phone: (972) 733-3354
Fax: (972) 733-3355

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